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New exhibition currently showing in glasgow. 'Where has all the light gone?' (a Tinpot Opera)

60-64 Osborne St, Glasgow G1 5QH

The show runs until January 23rd 2020

Friday 14th December 2019


News & Projects

Where has all the light gone?

(a Tinpot Opera)

I am delighted to say that Paper Manufacturers Zanders Paper are sending me paper samples for my a big thank you to them!!

 January 2020



I am looking for Gallery and Curatorial support for new projects I hope to realise over the coming if you are in interested...

 January 2020

New Projects

I have been testing out a quarterly magazine of my work online via Blurb see what you think....

Wednesday 15h February 2017

New Projects

I have been working on small sketchbook posters and larger digital posters from the 'Narcissistic Poster...' theme, looking forward to making larger work.

Narcissistic Poster.. Posters

Tuesday 12th August 2014

'History Surgency and Collage' new exhibition of Collage and Poster pieces on show in

Cafe Gandolfi 64 Albion Street, Glasgow 8th Dec - 14th Jan 2014.

Saturday 7th December 2013


History Surgency and Collage

The website is almost finished and I can concentrate on getting applications out for funding and resolve how to make the new work I have planned. Lorraine Lamond will be starting a new Stained Glass class on the second weekend of Jan if you want to enrol ...........

Monday 26 Nov 2012


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