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"Although I graduated from the Drawing and Painting department at Glasgow School of Art, my work has become more varied and multi-disciplinary. I find myself employing more traditional art forms such as silkscreen & woodcut, printing, ceramics, steel and stained glass work. Using classical techniques but in a modern way to express a more intuitive contemporary theme.
I would like to think my art, relying on traditional methods of form and composition, is inspired by both a studio, printed and public based art with hopefully a little, humanity, truth, contradiction and humour."
Mark Campbell 2024

Mark is a full time professional artist working in Glasgow and is open to gallery and curatorial requests and partnerships.

Detail from 'Jelevision' 12 panel woodcut

Woodcut detail 2011

'The vision study' charcoal on paper

Vision study - charcoal on paper2023 

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