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Containered - Cut paper, charcoal and antique embroidery on paper 2020.


His 2012 Glasgow Print Studio exhibition of Woodcuts and Poster pieces was the second instalment of his 'Jelevision' series following his 2010 show 'A God Given Light' in William Burrell's House as part of Glasgow International 2010. There he showed a Stained Glass Greenhouse and Neon, made exploring the notion of nurture and growth of the young and the messages they are subjected to and indoctrinated by religion and the state through the media, i.e Television, as they grow. 

With 'Jelevision' he uses the idea of a greenhouse, where seeds are normally germinated by the light, to express this with his images etched and fired onto the glass which would filter the messages they receive.

His recent work also uses the themes of narcissism and religious and cultural differences and the rise of extremism and the danger all open societies must be aware of from indoctrination and elitism.

"In your God we trust"

So far

​As a student Mark studied Drawing & Painting, graduating with Honours from Glasgow School of Art in 1984.

Since then his practice has included Sculpture and Printmaking as well as Stained Glass and Graphic Design.

He also voluntarily ran the Pentagon Gallery and founded an experimental space called the Whitehouse Glasgow. 


Although he no longer has a space for the Whitehouse, it still exists as a concept for helping expand his own practice.

Mark is a full time professional artist and is open to gallery and curatorial requests and partnerships.

Mark Campbell 2008/9

'Monuments to another era' is a series of balanced steel constructions, which came about after the demise of the family engineering business in 2008. Here Mark used various steel parts used in the precision Engineering business and were all that was left to show for nearly 50 years of british engineering manufacturing.

He took these metal remnants and constructed his balanced sculptures which he then photographed and then deconstructed and proceed to repeat the process.

These works have never been fully exhibited but have been shown as part of his Narcissist work as posters of shows he never had.

monument 2008

Monuments to another era

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