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'Vision' 2023 charcoal on brown paper

The vision detail  - charcoal on paper - 2023

Work - Exhibitions
 art & design 

Drawing a small mater of life & death. Charcoal on paper

Drawing a small Mater of Life & Death

Mark Campbell Gallowgate Studios 2024

Gallowgate Studios 2024

Drawings and drawn Posters. 

Art post



& older


"Prima Donna" charcoal on paper

Campbell - Peacock - Taylor

Gallowgate Studios 2022

Gallowgate Studios 2022.

​'The Vision', Drawings and drawn Posters. 


Where has all the light gone? (a Tinpot Opera)

South Block Glasgow 2019/2020

Tinpot Opera 2019/20

With the rapid spread of fascism and right wing politics in the world this exhibition - a Tinpot Opera, is timely and relevant for these difficult times. Here mark shares his vision of a Tinpot led world.

13th Dec -23rd  Jan 2020

Collage and pastel on paper 2013

History Surgency and collage

Cafe Gandolfi Glasgow 2013

Collages 2013

​Here mark shows his first attempt at using collage as a medium, and has produced a series of small oil pastel and collage works as well as Jelevision oil pastel Poster pieces.

'Jelevision' Large woodcuts and drawings

Jelevision II / Woodcuts

Glasgow Print Studio 2012

Glasgow Print Studio June 2012.

​The second part of the 'Jelevision' trilogy showing large Woodcuts, Drawings and Screenprinted and drawn Posters. 

'Jelevision' Stained Glass greenhouse 2010

Jelevision / Greenhouse

Whitehouse@Burrell's House 2010​

'A God Given Light' William Burrell's family home. Glasgow International 2010.

The first part of the 'Jelevision' series showing a full scale stained glass greenhouse and neon. 

Sketchbook drawings and various work

Sketchbook and various drawing

Various bits and pieces

More drawings

'Monuments to another era' balanced steel constructions

Monuments to another era  

Balanced steel constructions 2008/9

'Monuments to Another Era' 2008/9

A series of photographs of balanced steel constructions created using the remnants of one of Scotlands oldest manufacturing businesses that was forced to close due to the current recession.

Early prints

Earlier Prints

Various bits and pieces

More images of earlier prints

Various mixed exhibitions

Various Mixed and solo shows between 2013/2019

Gallowgate Studios

Various work from various solo and mixed exhibitions between 2013 and 2019

Scotland's Year of the Artist 2000

the Glasgow Anagram Tour

Pop Out Map 'Scotlands Year of the Artist 2000'

The Glasgow Anagram Tour created as part of Scotlands Year of the Artist residency in 2000 in the form of a Pop-Out Map and large lightbox.

Mark Campbell - Monuments 2008/9

Design Work 

Early design work

Some mixed work both fulfilled and unfulfilled. Children's design work etc.

Publications - Mark Campbell



Film and animated work.

Publications - Mark Campbell


Books, Magazines

Images and links to published works and publications.

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