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'Jelevision II'  

Glasgow Print Studio 2012

Mark Campbell's woodcuts and poster pieces are the second installment of his 'Jelevision' series following his last show 'A God Given Light' in William Burrell's House as part of Glasgow International 2010.

There he showed a full sized Stained Glass Greenhouse he made exploring the notion of nurture and growth of the young and the messages they are subjected to and indoctrinated with through religion and the media i.e Television, as they grow. 


Here Mark follows on from that with a series of Woodcuts and Screenprinted & Drawn Posters which also explore the theme of narcissism. Like the instant Fame shows which the media constantly push as being something we should all wish for. And now of course with Trump and his ilk who live their life of greed and want as if life is a TV show with winners and losers.

They were also posters to advertise the final show of Sculptures, he is yet to make, which will be the fully grown pieces germinated from the greenhouse and will be looking for funding and exhibition space for these.

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