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'Where has all the light gone?'  

South Block Glasgow 2019/20

Where has all the light gone? Has its origins in Mark Campbell's 2010 Glasgow International exhibition entitled 'A God given Light' (Jelevision) and his woodcut show in 2012 at Glasgow Print Studio called 'Jelevision”

Then he showed a full sized Stained Glass Greenhouse he created, exploring the notion of nurture and growth of the young and the propoganda messages children are subjected to and indoctrinated with through religion, fundamentalism, the state and the manipulated media hrough i.e Television or Jelevision and social media.

With 'A God Given Light' he used the idea of a greenhouse, where seeds are normally germinated by the light, to express this idea with his images etched and fired onto the glass which would filter the light falling on them. And these ideas could not be more relavent than now.

Then he used a giant Russian doll on the front holding a kalachnikov and with this show 'Where has all the light gone' (a Tinpot Opera) he uses the idea of the world as an Opera filled with despotic Tinpot rulers perhaps grown to power through the manipulated media.

Here Mark uses drawing as the basis for his work with collaged cut paper to express his ideas, which are constantly growing, and he has always seen this work as a prelude to a show of ceramic sculptures yet to be created.

The work is against all forms of manipulation of young and vulnerable minds, that is meant purely to manipulate them towards whatever ideology the perpertrators are trying to pursue. Although careful to not take sides he focuses on religious and political symbolism which verge on the extreme which has been shown to be very topical in our modern degenerative world.


'Untitled' Balanced Steel Construction 2008/9

Studio - Cut paper and pastel on paper
Pastel & cut paper with printed text

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'Death of a salesman' Cut paper, pastel & charcoal on paper

Death of a salesman - cut paper, pastel and charcoal 2019

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