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'Jelevision I'  

William Burrell's House 2010

Mark Campbell's Jelevision series began with a show called 'A God Given Light' in William Burrell's House as part of Glasgow International 2010 along with fellow artist Craig Peacock. This was the first time any artist had shown in Burrell's family home, and possibly the last, which had been allowed to fall into disrepair.
There he showed a full sized Stained Glass Greenhouse he created, exploring the notion of nurture and growth of the young and the messages they are subjected to and indoctrinated with through religion, fundamentalism and the media both private and state controlled i.e Television, as they grow.
With 'A God Given Light' he used the idea of a greenhouse, where seeds are normally germinated by the light, to express this idea with his images etched and fired onto the glass which would filter the light falling on them.

The title 'A God Given Light' is a pun on the phrase 'A god given right'. Expressing his belief that each faith believes itself to be the only true religion and with governments doctoring news and media output to suit their own intentions and agendas. 

The work is against all forms of manipulation of young and vulnerable minds, that is meant purely to manipulate them towards whatever ideology the perpertrators are trying to pursue. Although careful to not take sides he focuses on religious and political symbolism which verge on the extreme which has been shown to be very topical in our modern degenerative world. 

This is expressed also in his neon message:

'In your God we Trust'

Which more or less speaks for itself.

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Burrell House Video 2010

05:56 Length


Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major​. Johann Sebastian Bach: Prélude : Yo-Yo Ma

Tchikidan (Suite Dogorienne pour choeur d'enfants). Metodi Matakiev


Mark Campbell' & Craig Peacocks 2010 Glasgow International Exhibition at William Burrell's (the Burrell Collection) decrepit family home, Glasgow, Scotland.

Whitehouse @ Burrell's House

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