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'Monuments to another era'  

Glasgow Print Studio 2012

E.K, Machine Tools Ltd was one of Scotlands oldest engineering companies which was started in the 1950's by Mark's late father James Ronald Campbell and epitomised the great tradition of British manufacturing and precision engineering.


'Monuments to another era' is a series of photographs from sculptures of balanced steel constructions, which came about after the demise of the family business in 2008. These works reflect a different era one of optimism and hope for a bright new world, as well as memories of his childhood and growing up. Here Mark collected the left over pieces of steel, all that was left to show for over 50 years of british manufacturing after all the rest was auctioned off to pay off the skilled workers, then constructed the pieces photographed them and then deconstructed the work and so on.

They were also meant to be displayed in poster form as part of all the shows I never had. An imagined history of exhibitions.


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